Workshop FAQ

Are Workshop classes currently available?

Due to COVID-19, classes in the Workshop are currently on hold. We are excited to start back up as soon as we can! All questions and answers below still apply for when classes at the Workshop resume.

When can I sign my child up for the Workshop?

Anytime! Depending on the enrollment of each class, students may join the Workshop at any time during the season. Please fill out this form to get started!

Who can take classes in the Workshop?

Classes in the workshop are designed to build off of what each student is working on in their weekly lessons, and they are therefore only available to students currently enrolled in private lessons at the Academy. The only exception to this rule is for the Toddler Music Immersion class - any child age 2-4 is welcome to join.

How long are classes at the Workshop?

Classes are one hour long.

When do classes in the Workshop take place?

Workshop classes take place once a week at a designated time (depending on students' and staff availability) Monday through Thursday, between 3:30 and 8:30pm.

Do the Workshop classes run through the entire school year?

Workshop classes run on a seasonal schedule (September through November, March through May).

Who teaches the classes at the Workshop?

Classes in the Workshop are taught by various GIGS teachers each season - including GIGS' owner Sean Gaiser!

How large are the group classes?

All classes have at least six students and no more than ten.

What is the cost of the Workshop?

Most classes are $80/month per student for an average of four classes each month.

Are there any student performances in the Workshop?

At the end of every season, each class comes together to put on an exciting concert in the Workshop for family and friends!

What classes are currently offered?

Our classes for the Spring 2020 schedule are Taylor Swift Back Up Band and Toddler Music Immersion.


Put simply, Sean will be leading a group of musical Swifties to learn and perform as many Taylor Swift songs as humanly possible. Students in this class will band together to recreate Taylor Swift's catalogue with every student bringing his or her unique skill set to the table. Open to all singers and students of all instruments.


This class has been specifically designed for toddlers with special needs, but is open to any and all music loving children ages 2-4. Every week, Sean and his staff will help students express themselves musically and connect with peers through sensory activities and exercises. The main goal of the Toddler Music Immersion class is to break down barriers between children with and without special needs in a positive and loving musical environment.