Located in the heart of Washington, D.C., Gonzaga College High School hosts an annual holiday-themed Gala to celebrate the achievements of their student body and encourage the ongoing support of parents and alumni. GIGS was brought on in the Fall of 2019 to produce the audio, video, and lighting elements of the December event. After studying the floorplan and equipment packages provided by event vendors in years past, GIGS proposed a flown-truss AV scheme as opposed to a ground-based one. At an event of the Gonzaga Gala’s caliber, mounting the majority of the sound, video, and lighting equipment from the ceiling and out of the guests’ direct line of sight can significantly elevate the event experience. GIGS also provided the event with brand new concepts for an upgraded visual experience: Nearly 20 custom video clips featuring Gonzaga students were directed, filmed, and edited by GIGS and aired throughout the course of the night on large screens, reminding event goers of important details about auction items and playfully encouraging them to pay attention during important moments.

Event Services

  • General Event Management
  • Audio, Video, and Lighting Production
  • Custom Video and Media Design
  • Branding and Logo Animations