Workshop FAQ

When can I sign my child up for the Workshop?

Anytime! Depending on the enrollment of each class, students may join the Workshop at any time during the season. Please fill out this form to get started!

Who can take classes in the Workshop?

Classes in the workshop are designed to build off of what each student is working on in their weekly lessons, and they are therefore only available to students currently enrolled in private lessons at the Academy.

How long are classes at the Workshop?

Classes are one hour long.

When do classes in the Workshop take place?

Workshop classes take place once a week at a designated time Monday-Thursday, 3:30-8:30pm.

Do the Workshop classes run through the entire school year?

Workshop classes run on a seasonal schedule (September through December, January through May).

Who teaches the classes at the Workshop?

Classes are taught by GIGS' owner, Sean Gaiser.

How large are the group classes?

All classes have at least six students and no more than ten.

What is the cost of the Workshop?

Classes are $60/month per student.

Are there any student performances in the Workshop?

At the end of every season, each class comes together to put on an exciting concert in the Workshop for family and friends!

What classes are currently offered?

Our classes for the Fall 2019 schedule are Guitar Orchestra, Ukulele Orchestra, Singing Ensemble, The Greatest Showman Performance Troupe, and Taylor Swift Back Up Band.


Sean will lead the charge in these group guitar sessions every week, drilling students on their chord formations, rhythmic strumming, dynamics, and specialized techniques. Throughout the course of the season under Sean's guidance, students will learn and perfect the proper methods for guitar maintenance and upkeep (tuning and string changing) in addition to honing their technical skills. The goal of this class is to hammer home the fundamentals of guitar using fun, engaging drills while learning as many songs as possible with a crew of fun loving musicians! Open to all guitar students at GIGS - we will group interested students according to age & ability.


Same details and format as guitar class, except with ukes! Open to both ukulele and guitar students at GIGS - if any guitarists are looking to try something new and add a new instrument into their personal musical arsenal, the ukulele is a fun (and quite easy) transition.


Sing your heart out every week alongside friends during our weekly jam! Sean brings the group together as both the chorus leader and instrumentalist, accompanying the singers on his guitar. We will learn and sing a variety of pop songs - your favorites (new and old), brand new chart toppers, classics from years past, and tons more. The goal of this class is for all students to become a better singer while having a blast with their friends. Students will expand their personal repertoire of songs and musical palettes by experiencing a vast array of wonderful songs from a variety of genres and eras. Open to all GIGS students who love to sing!


If you love this movie, this class is for you! We welcome all singers and students of all instruments to join the band as we bring the music of this inspiring musical to life. We will learn, sing, and perform songs from The Greatest Showman each week, focusing on each student's unique talents to put our own spin on these songs that we know and love. Open to all singers and students of all instruments and ages.


Put simply, Sean will be leading a group of musical Swifties to learn and perform as many Taylor Swift songs as humanly possible. Students in this class will band together to recreate Taylor Swift's catalogue with every student bringing his or her unique skill set to the table. Open to all singers and students of all instruments.